Below are two examples of how to decorate your Christmas tree with the different Jesus Tree Ornaments.  I lined them up from the top down and left to right,  in the order that they are revealed in the “Why we celebrate Christmas” free print-out book. You may leave the book under the tree for those who want to know more about the ornaments on their own.  Otherwise witness to your guests following the book or in your own words.

christmas tree diy decorations

Below is an excerpt from my novel, The Jesus Tree Ornaments, where my main character, Thomas, and his son, Isaac, come up with the idea to start calling their Christmas Tree a Jesus Tree Altar.

“In the past God commanded His people to build altars and there to make sacrifices to Him. God has not commanded us to do that. Instead, He wants our lives to be living sacrifices to Him. However, I don’t think He would mind us making this tree and the ornaments represented on it symbolic of our thankfulness to Him for His many blessings to us. It will be our way of sharing the story of God’s salvation with everyone who enters our home. Our way of saying thanks back to the Father for Jesus and everything else that He has provided for us, not because we are commanded to do it, but because we want to show our appreciation to Him.”

“A Jesus Tree altar?” shouted Isaac.

“Yes,” replied his father. “A Jesus Tree altar; our way of saying thank-you to Him.”

“I believe that Jesus would be very pleased,” answered Thomas’s mother.

“Then it is settled! From now on we will celebrate Christmas with a Jesus Tree altar. Our very own public altar to Him inside our home,” Thomas told them. “The ornaments will reflect back to God what He has done for us and that we recognize and are grateful for His sacrifice and His blessing to us. Jesus is our offering of thanks back to God. The only sacrifice that is acceptable to Him for our sins.”

“I like that idea,” said Sara.

“Me too!” joined in Thomas’s mother.

“We must always remember to have thankful attitudes toward God. He now lives in us, in our hearts. Our daily lives should be living altars of sacrifice to Him and be a reflection of His grace to everyone. Not just on Christmas Day, but on every day of the year. We should not give mixed messages to people about what we believe in, nor do we need to point out all their errors to them. The light of His message will expose their darkness to them. The greater the darkness, the more the light will be noticed…”

– The Jesus Tree Ornaments, Chapter 16, pages 384 & 385