The creator of the Jesus Tree Decorations, Garry R. Kennedy, has released a new novel entitled The Jesus Tree Ornaments.  The story combines the free printout Biblical ornaments in a spiritual action adventure written only for adults.

A spiritual action-adventure that may make you question what you really believe about Christmas.

In the never-ending battle between good and evil, who will triumph?

On a bleak Christmas Eve, Thomas sits in a hospital room with his son, Isaac, who will die without a heart transplant. Thomas’ faith, already severely weakened by years of disbelief and scorn, is at risk of crumbling into nonexistence in the face of this newest trauma.
On a short trip to buy Isaac one last Christmas present, Thomas is thrust into a battle between darkness and light, and his everlasting soul is the prize.

After being mistakenly implicated in the murder of a young boy, Thomas goes on the run, and it soon becomes apparent that it isn’t the police who are after him. On a harrowing journey to reclaim his life and his faith, Thomas relives events from the Bible, encounters strange presences both evil and divine, and must ultimately choose whether to embrace or turn his back on God.

In this fast-paced story, the mask of evil often makes it difficult to distinguish friend from foe, malevolence from benevolence, and good intentions from bad. Faced with the most difficult decisions of his life, Thomas knows that this is his only chance to bring his life back on track and reassert his faith.

With so much on the line, can Thomas do what it takes to renew his relationship with God, thus saving himself and the ones he loves?

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Author Garry R Kennedy is interviewed about his novel “The Jesus Tree Ornaments”.


“Surprise. A novel for fathers whose decisions and wrong turns in life can shoot like arrows through many family generations…unless a father has the raw courage to stop the arrows of evil and protect his family. Eye-opening. Gripping. Mind-burning. This is a riveting story of a father who risks his life and heritage to protect and save his family at the expense of his own life and identity. A must read for all fathers who want to save their family for many generations.”
– Brad Lopez, Ed.D, Professor Fresno City College

“The Jesus Tree Ornaments is not a book you read and then lay down.  It will cause you to stop and look at life differently.  It will take you to the past; it will help you with your future. It will give you insight into the spiritual battle that surrounds us all, and is ever present in our own personal life, bringing understanding to the scriptures regarding this subject.  I am a thinker, but Garry took me places I never thought about going before.  The Jesus Tree Ornaments will cause you to stop and think, what have I bought into…and why?” – Barbara Bratvoid

“The Jesus Tree Ornaments is a fast paced, intense story of one man’s difficult spiritual journey. The book will force you to re-examine your own faith and the path you are currently on. Great Christmas read.  Inspirational and thought provoking. I had a hard time putting it down.”
– Shurene Gomez

“Garry Kennedy has created a story that takes the reader on a journey of faith. His characters are representative of real people meeting real challenges of life. This is the perfect book for the man or woman who are sitting on the fence regarding accepting Christ. This story encourages the faithful to let the light of Christ shine through them and live as examples of the Grace of God. Garry gives vivid examples of the evil influences we face every day in our society.  This is a must read for anyone who believes that they can control and run their own life alone. What a blessing to have a talented writer who shares how the challenges of life can be met and evil overcome through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.”
– Janice I. Edwards

“The Jesus Tree Ornaments is brilliantly and uniquely written.  A man’s (Thomas) journey takes him into dark places in a fight between good and evil, making the reader look at their own potential traps, temptations, and consequences.   Throughout the book is the weaving of many people and circumstances of the Bible.  This book was an inspiration from God. A must read for anyone who has ever questioned what is important in their life.”
– Penny Childers

“I read ‘The Jesus Tree Ornaments’ book recently. I feel truly blessed God worked his magic through Garry Kennedy. This book inspired me and also made me look at my past, present and hopeful future, and how God has played a part in every step of the way. We all are given choices in this world and this book shows that even when we take wrong paths with God’s guidance we arrive back in his arms. Thank you Garry for a wonderful experience!”   – Nancy Deming

“I recommend Garry Kennedy’s book, The Jesus Tree Ornaments to all readers.  However, as he did write on the cover of his book, it is not meant for little boys and girls.  As the story unfolds, he writes with such clarity and paints such great word pictures, I found myself being pulled into the story…like I was there-watching and listening.  I appreciate how the author quoted scripture throughout his story.  It was a reminder to me why I chose life with Christ and not life without Him.  I am looking forward to reading it again.”
– Carolyn Ashjian

Pace of events: Very fast, except for long dialogues between Thomas, Eli, John and the Devil. The length of the dialogues, though, are nicely relieved by well placed intervening physical events.

Language: Well written; avoids redundancies and pedanticism; language construction is very readable; writing style is consistent and disciplined–what I would look for in an experienced and seasoned writer. Strong descriptive skills make the narrative riveting.

– Oren Wright

You may order Garry’s new short story below based up his movie of the same name.  To watch the movie for free click here. To purchase the E-book click here.